Piazza Navona’s Fontana del Moro: Fountain of the Moor

There is no denying that Piazza Navona is one of Rome’s loveliest (and most visited) squares.

There is also no denying that Piazza Navona’s most famous fountain sits dab smack in the middle – the Fountain of the Four Rivers.

You know the one. Right there.

With the obelisk.

But I secretly really love the more overlooked fontana del moro.

Because guuuurl, that statue knows his angles.


That was what I realized the other day.

This fountain looks good from every single angle.

Located at the south end of the Piazza, closest to Palazzo Braschi, the fountain was designed by Giacomo della Porta in 1576.

He also designed the fountain that now sits at the entrance to Rome’s Orange Garden.

That means it pre-dates Bernini’s Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, which wasn’t commissioned until 1648.

(But Bernini got to put his stamp on this one when he redesigned the central Moor figure).

To be totally honest, those are the replica statues. The originals were moved to Villa Borghese in 1909.

And thank god, because some crazy totally attacked these ones with a hammer in 2011.

All the more reason to pause and appreciate it…

Regardless of what direction you approach from.


One thought on “Piazza Navona’s Fontana del Moro: Fountain of the Moor

  1. Lucy says:

    Gosh, lucky they moved them then! It’s true, I’m guilty of overlooking wonderful pieces of art and architecture in favour of the grander and more famous ones nearby. Piazza Navona is just such a beautiful place in general though, I could happily spend an entire day there xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

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