Chicchi e Lettere: Wine and Coffee in the Testaccio Market

What are you doing tomorrow?

I suggest you get out of bed, make some coffee, brave the (not really bad at all) Roman weather, and make your way down to Testaccio market.

Do any shopping you need for the next few days, then decide if you want a panino from Mordi e Vai, or a salad from Zoe, or even some pasta for Le Mani in Pasta.

Then go get some wine.

Red or white? That is up to you.

Chicchi e Lettere in Mercato Testaccio has lists of both.

You can certainly buy a bottle to take home and enjoy with your meal.

But at €2.50 a glass, you don’t really have an excuse not to stay for one right then and there.

There is a collection of mixed and matched stools and chairs, as well as a small bench. Find a spot and then find Maurizio to order a glass.

Chicchi e Lettere is the perfect place in the market for an aperitivo.

(The day time version – because while the market is occasionally open all night, it regularly closes around 2:30 – 3 pm Monday thru Saturday).

Have a seat, chat away, and snack on stuzzichini that are nearly always ready at hand.

But Chicchi e Lettere is more than wine.

It is the perfect stall to pick up teas, jams and chocolates for yourself or as a gift for a friend back home.

And ‘chicchi’? Well that refers to the whole coffee beans that have been specially roasted.

Get some of those too.


Chicchi e Lettere
Box 43
Nuovo Mercato di Testaccio
Via Beniamino Franklin, 12/E
Open: Monday – Saturday, 9:00(ish)-14:30(ish)

(P.S. I realize that I have been writing about Testaccio quite a bit. I put this down both to my love of the neighborhood and thus desire to let you know about it, as well as the my winter-level of motivation to move too far beyond my own front door. More general Rome posts to come soon).

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