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Chicchi e Lettere: Wine and Coffee in the Testaccio Market

What are you doing tomorrow? I suggest you get out of bed, make some coffee, brave the (not really bad at all) Roman weather, and make your way down to Testaccio market. Do any shopping you need for the next few days, then decide if you want a panino from Mordi e Vai, or a […]

Pasta to go in Rome’s Testaccio Market

We are crazy lucky to live close to the Testaccio market. Yes, it is a market in flux – with traditional vendors operating along side more modern ready-to-eat stalls. Le mani in pasta is both and it straddles this divide exceptionally well. The stall in Mercato Testaccio sells fresh pasta made by hand using organic flour […]

Da Artenio: Baker in Testaccio, Rome

When it comes to carbs, I do not mess around. And neither does Artenio, which is exactly why we get along just fine. With a popular stand in the Testaccio Market, Artenio is everyone’s preferred bread man. Don’t believe me? Check out Katie’s video introduction. But it is not just bread. Artenio makes pastries stuffed […]

Piadina: Italian Wraps in Rome’s Mercato Testaccio

Testaccio Market is changing. Lela Casa moved out, which is fine because I love the new location. The stand where I used to buy my fruit and vegetables has been cut in half, leasing the space to Romeo. I regularly pick up a juice at Zoe. While I appreciate the new injection of life into […]

Zoe: Clean Eating in Mercato Testaccio

zoe fresh juice in Rome

I like to eat balanced meals. For example, I like to balance out all my carbs with a lot of fat. (I recommend pasta alla gricia for this). Or, I like to balance out my dinner with a spot of gelato. I will even balance out my meat with a side of potatoes. Balance is […]