Da Artenio: Baker in Testaccio, Rome

When it comes to carbs, I do not mess around.

And neither does Artenio, which is exactly why we get along just fine.

Da Artenio Testaccio market

With a popular stand in the Testaccio Market, Artenio is everyone’s preferred bread man.

Don’t believe me? Check out Katie’s video introduction.

Rome Testaccio bakery

But it is not just bread.

Artenio makes pastries stuffed with cherries and nutella.

Da Artenio Testaccio-2

As well as taralli – the perfect snack on the side with your glass of wine.

But me?

I go for the tongues.

lingue della suocera

Well, not actual tongues but lingue della suocera.

Mother-in-law tongues.

These perfectly salted, dense but chewy, strips of bread dotted with olives.

Pizza testaccio market

Artenio also sells the best pizzette – little pizzas – in Testaccio market.

Because who says pizza shouldn’t be a snack?

Absolutely no one. Snack away.

cat loves pizza

Slightly related – does anyone else have a cat who is OBSESSED with olives?

Bacon moves quickly, and it a pretty solid thief.

da Artenio
Box 90, Nuovo Mercato di Testaccio
Via Beniamino Franklin, 12/E
Open: Monday – Saturday, 8:30(ish)-14:30



4 thoughts on “Da Artenio: Baker in Testaccio, Rome

  1. Debi says:

    HAHA yes!! My cat is also obsessed with olives, he goes crazy for them. I thought he was the only weird one out there. He also loves poppadoms…

    Great blog by the way. My husband (then boyfriend) and I lived in Testaccio for a couple of months in 2006 and go back every summer. It’s great reading your updates of what’s happening in the neighbourhood. It was a bit crazy to go back in July and see the Moonlight Café has closed down!! I thought that would be there forever!! The neighbourhood has changed a bit over the years but it’s still my favourite place in Rome.

    • Natalie says:

      I love that you still come back to visit Testaccio! It is certainly changing, and Moonlight was a favorite of my husband’s. We had been hoping it was only closing for renovations, but no sign of life yet.

      And hooray for crazy Italian olive cats. I read somewhere that they have a similar chemical compound to catnip, which might the be the cause?

      • Debi says:

        Yeah we were also hoping the Moonlight was just being renovated, but I saw on their FB page that they’re gone for good. I hope they’re off riding Harleys somewhere and did it out of choice rather than being forced out….

        On another note, I see Volpetti Piu is not really Volpetti Piu anymore?!?! I’d be very curious to know what they have done in there, just from a photo it looks like a lot has changed!

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