Zoe: Clean Eating in Mercato Testaccio

zoe fresh juice in Rome

I like to eat balanced meals.

For example, I like to balance out all my carbs with a lot of fat. (I recommend pasta alla gricia for this).

Or, I like to balance out my dinner with a spot of gelato.

I will even balance out my meat with a side of potatoes.

Balance is everything.

kale smoothie in Rome

Eventually, between the cheese and cured meats, I will occasionally admit that I could really go for a kale smoothie.

Zoe a Mercato Testaccio

On those days, I drag myself downstairs to Nuovo Mercato Testaccio, and slowly walk by Mordi e Vai, to stop at Zoe’s for lunch.

zoe fresh juice in Rome

Ok. I do love gricia, but I also love me some fresh fruit and veg.

Zoe specializes in estratti – fresh juice.

Beetroot? Bieta? No problem.

Ginger? Naturally.

Whatever you want, they will juice.

The fresh pressed juices are amazing, but the lunch specials are even better.

Fruit juice and salads at Testaccio market

For €10 you can get your choice of juice, sandwich or salad, and fruit salad.

Healthy eating in Rome from Zoe

Quinoa AND avocado in a salad? Plus pomegranate?! And sprouts??

Be still, my Californian heart.

healthy food in Testaccio Rome

Virtuosity for €10?


Mercato Testaccio
Via Beniamino Franklin, 12
00153 Roma, Italy

Open: Monday – Saturday, 9 am – 3:30 pm.


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