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What to Eat in Rome for Breakfast (and where to get it)

An Italian morning meal can be a bit of a disappointment if you stumble into the day blindly. Burnt espresso and a pre-made cornetto? Nope. No thanks. Better to know what to eat in Rome for breakfast – and exactly where to get it. Mornings in Rome begin with coffee, usually accompanied by a sweet […]

Roscioli Caffe Pasticceria: Coffee Shop in Rome

espresso and pastry at Rome coffee shop

The newest Roscioli project, the Roscioli Caffe is located two doors down from the namesake restaurant.   The storefront is a so narrow that it is really easy to walk past. I speak from experience. However, the tiny coffee shop packs a serious punch in the center of Rome. The cafe quickly gained a reputation for […]

Breakfast at Pasticceria Regoli in Rome

I have a major soft spot for the Portuense attitude and fluffy maritozzi of Il Maritozzaro, but I am not one to deny a good thing when I see it. Pasticceria Regoli makes seriously delicious maritozzi. Remember- a maritozzo is a classic Roman pastry. Traditionally a Lenten treat, the bun topped with panna (heavy cream) […]

Zoe: Clean Eating in Mercato Testaccio

zoe fresh juice in Rome

I like to eat balanced meals. For example, I like to balance out all my carbs with a lot of fat. (I recommend pasta alla gricia for this). Or, I like to balance out my dinner with a spot of gelato. I will even balance out my meat with a side of potatoes. Balance is […]

Monday Morning Market Trips

The good thing about Mondays is that they are no longer Sundays. That means the market, which is always closed on Sunday (the one day a week I seem to want to go), is back open. In an under-caffeinated beginning of the week haze, I almost went to the supermercato. I snapped out of it […]