Breakfast at Pasticceria Regoli in Rome

I have a major soft spot for the Portuense attitude and fluffy maritozzi of Il Maritozzaro, but I am not one to deny a good thing when I see it.

maritozzo Roman pastry

Pasticceria Regoli makes seriously delicious maritozzi.

maritozzo panna

Remember- a maritozzo is a classic Roman pastry. Traditionally a Lenten treat, the bun topped with panna (heavy cream) is now an indulgent breakfast option year round.

Whipped cream breakfast - a maritozzo in Rome

Regoli, a classic pastry shop that turned 100 this year, turns out more than just lovely maritozzi.


Regioli pasticceria rome

Think tarts topped with wild strawberries and cannoli.

Italian strawberry tarts

A few years ago, Regoli expanded its space and now has tables and chairs in the bar area that neighbors the original shop.

maritozzi in Rome

The bar is filled with mirrors. It’s a bit terrifying to watch your self infinitely reflected while trying to consume a cream laden monstrosity.

Don’t despair- it’s basically impossible to be dainty while eating a maritozzo, and the mirrors come in handy for wiping off the whipped cream that will inevitably end up on the tip of your nose.

2015-11-07 11.01.33

The spread and the setup is why I picked Regoli as the best breakfast option in Rome when asked to round up my favorite Rome eateries for Thrillist.

Pasticceria Regoli
Via dello Statuto, 60,
00185 Roma (Esquilino)

Open: Wednesday-Monday 7 am to 8:30 pm
Closed Tuesdays

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