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Claudia’s Feast: Lunch at Agritourismo Parco dei Cimini near Viterbo

Most people think of Rome and imagine the empty ruins of the Forum or the aerial grandeur of St. Peter’s Basilica, but Rome is also filled with the sounds of screeching trams, car honks, and a never-ending stream of ambulances. If you want to get away from it all, you can retreat to an agriturismo […]

Trattoria Serghei in Bologna, Italy

You know you have eaten well when you can pull up the memory of a meal as vividly as when you first sat down to enjoy it months earlier. I think back to my lunch at Trattoria Serghei in Bologna whenever a craving for handmade pasta strikes. The traditional wood-paneled dining room is truly tiny […]

Trattoria Da Oio a Casa Mia in Testaccio, Rome

It is irresponsible to order gricia for lunch, and yet every time I find myself at Trattoria Da Oio a Casa Mia, I am powerless to resist. It arrives piled with pecorino and a dusting of black pepper applied with a heavy hand. The pasta is slicked with rendered fat from the crisped guanciale. It […]

Pasta to go in Rome’s Testaccio Market

We are crazy lucky to live close to the Testaccio market. Yes, it is a market in flux – with traditional vendors operating along side more modern ready-to-eat stalls. Le mani in pasta is both and it straddles this divide exceptionally well. The stall in Mercato Testaccio sells fresh pasta made by hand using organic flour […]

Pianostrada: Pasta and Panini in Trastevere

I rely on Uber a bit too much in Rome… mainly because the attitude I get from many of Rome’s taxi drivers. But trying to take an Uber XL to Pianostrada was the wrong choice. The poor van driver tried valiantly to navigate the vicoli (alleys) of Trastevere, before I told him to stop and let […]