Trattoria Serghei in Bologna, Italy

You know you have eaten well when you can pull up the memory of a meal as vividly as when you first sat down to enjoy it months earlier. I think back to my lunch at Trattoria Serghei in Bologna whenever a craving for handmade pasta strikes.

The traditional wood-paneled dining room is truly tiny so it may be a tight squeeze for larger parties, but they will still gracious enough to allow Jimmy and I to wheel in our massive stroller during the lunch rush.

(Hint: when making reservations in Italy, always mention if you want to bring a stroller with you. Most restaurants will note this and give you a table on the side with slightly more room).

Trattoria Serghei was recommended by Francesca and Federica of L’8 Boutique – a new apartment-style hotel in Bologna. The stylish owners are lifetime locals (they created the design apartments inside what was once their grandmother’s home), so I took their suggestions seriously.

“The woman who runs the kitchen must be about 90 years old,” they added.


While Bologna tends to be best known for ragù, I was on the lookout for another dish. Jimmy’s go to when we dine in this city is always gramigna con salsiccia, a spiral pile of pasta with sausage which I also love.

However, this time I spotted agnolotti alla rucola.

I don’t think I have had agnolotti since we attended the Battle of the Oranges in Ivrea. The fresh pasta is piped with filling and then pinched together by hand. In this case, it was filled with sausage and arugula and topped with a butter-Parmigiano sauce.


So good that I was almost talked into a second course – but I managed to resist because I knew that there was so much I wanted to eat in Bologna that day.

I will admit that I found the prices at Trattoria Serghei to be higher than average in Bologna, but I did enjoy the meal. I would be happy to eat here once per trip to the city, but it is too pricey for everyday dining, which makes the title of “trattoria” a bit misleading.

If you are looking for a fresh pasta option in Rome, book a table at Colline Emiliane.

Trattoria Serghei

Via Piella, 12
Bologna, Italy

Phone: +39 051 233533

Open: Monday – Friday from 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm, and 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm.
Saturday lunch only.
Closed Sunday.

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