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Simple Summer Bruschetta

This is the time of year when it gets to be too hot. Time seems to slow down and every motion you make is planned. Planned to exert as little effort as possible. But with the heat, summer also brings big beautiful tomatoes. When my apartment already feels like an oven and I can’t imagine […]

I Have an Italian DISHWASHER!

I have lived my apartment for nine months and I learned something new this week- I have a dishwasher. An actual machine, that cleans dishes automatically, right in my kitchen.  It has been here the entire time, and I’m not even the one that found it a few days ago. Just to remind you, my […]

American Baking in an Italian Oven

Italian pastries are pretty amazing, but sometimes I miss good old chocolate chip cookies.  So when my friend came to visit, I requested US contraband: baking soda. You know what else American baking calls for? Butter. Lots of butter. (and zomg, did you hear about the lovers in Sicily that killed the woman’s ex-husband by […]