Thanksgiving in Rome

Thanksgiving in Rome is just another Thursday.  Having just gotten back from a trip to Marrakech, I did not have plans to celebrate.  But on Thanksgiving morning, I opened my mail to find this card from one of my favorite people in the entire universe:

Awww! Feeling all nostalgic, it was time to do something for Thanksgiving in Rome.  I decided to make one Thanksgiving dish because there was no chance of the typical American all-day-cook-a-thon.

I grabbed my new market bag and headed towards the piazza for the morning veggie stalls.  What I really wanted was sweet potatoes, but it is impossible to find sweet potatoes in Italy, so I was willing to settle for butternut squash.

Success! Of course, I also had to buy a roasting pan in order to cook the squash since my kitchen is still desperately under-stocked.

But as soon as I opened the bag (hey, I was in a hurry, pre-cut seemed great), I realized my mistake. I bought PUMPKIN, not squash.  I already had the rest of the ingredients laid out so I decided to go for it.

Roasted pumpkin with garlic and parmigiano- a little Italian twist on my American holiday.

Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating in your own way!

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Rome

  1. anna says: dish is the way to go! i tried to make cornbread but couldnt figure out if cornflour and polenta were the same thing… then I tried to make mash potatoes but those didnt work out ..probably because they dont have russets…and then i made a beet salad which turned out fantastic! They sell pre-cut pumpkin in ROME? AWESOME!!!

  2. Jessica says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Try the market at Piazza Vittorio, I’m pretty sure they have sweet potatoes or at least yams. We got them there last year for our Thanksgiving celebration.

  3. EJane says:

    Six years later … I’ll be in Rome alone on Thanksgiving this year. I’m thinking about doing a food-related tour. Seems appropriate, and it may involve some other Americans too. Any recommendations?

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