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I recently sat down with Maria, the author of I Heart Rome, over a delicious plate of pasta to discuss her new book on Roman food.

Rome has always been a special place to Maria, and this is her ode to the city’s distinct culinary flavor.

I Heart Rome: Recipes & Stories from the Eternal City is a collection of recipes from different Romans and honorary residents- chefs, restaurant owners, foodies, home cooks and even a special appearance by Maria’s own mother.

What I like most about the book is the concept that Maria presented when she shared the first copies: the recipes are all organized by where you would eat the food (at the market, the local trattoria, the Forno or even at home).

I think it’s a wonderful departure from grouping primo, secondi and dolce because it’s a layout that matches the way you actually eat in Rome.

Each recipe is accompanied by a short story about what the food means to the city and to the author, as well as beautiful photographs. The photos were all shot on location or in Latteria Studio – making the book truly a “Made in Italy” experience.

Maria has been presenting the book in Rome and has upcoming events planned Melbourne. You can find out more about her events here.

I Heart Rome is available on Amazon (in time for Christmas if you hurry!) and many many more shops, including The Almost Corner Bookshop in Trastevere.

Auguri, Maria – the book (and the stories it tells) are beautiful!

Photos from HeartRome.

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