Pasta to go in Rome’s Testaccio Market

We are crazy lucky to live close to the Testaccio market.

Yes, it is a market in flux – with traditional vendors operating along side more modern ready-to-eat stalls.

Le mani in pasta is both and it straddles this divide exceptionally well.

The stall in Mercato Testaccio sells fresh pasta made by hand using organic flour and high quality eggs from free range chickens.

The pasta, such as ravioli and tonnarelli, is sold based on weight.

You can request a certain number of grams (which according to the 10 commandments of cooking pasta should be about 100g per person) and then take the fresh pasta home to be prepared as you like.

Not to be confused with Le Mani in Pasta restaurant in Trastevere, the Testaccio Market stand located at Box 58 also sells hot pasta, made to order.

Behind the counter is a small kitchen where they create some delicious meals.

This week, the Testaccio Market is open late. Very similar to the market’s open days, this after hours opening will run through 23 December.

Happy to have the mercato open on a Sunday, we wandered over for lunch yesterday.

I walked around, trying to decide what to eat, but I kept coming back to the sign I saw at Le Mani in Pasta:

Cacio, pepe e tartufo.

Oh sweet lord.

It was so good! And I almost didn’t get it!

I have had cacio e pepe on the brain, so I thought I should try something else… but this? This was amazing.

The addition of truffles made it all the more delectable.


Now I am hungry again!

In Testaccio for a short time with no way to take the fresh pasta home? Don’t worry, you can also find dried pasta artigianale to take back and cook later.

However, I highly suggest you stay for lunch and order the cheese-y truffle goodness to eat immediately.

Le Mani in Pasta – Mercato Testaccio
Box 58 Nuovo Mercato di Testaccio
Via Beniamino Franklin, 12/E
Open: Monday – Saturday, 8:30(ish)-14:30

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