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H.C. Andersen Museum in Rome

When I had lunch with Barbara at L’Uliveto, we compared Rome notes. I always like to compare notes because you never know what you are going to learn about this enigma of a city. When we got on the topics of museums, I mentioned that I love Centrale Montemartini. The clash of ancient Roman marble […]

Palazzo Braschi: Rome’s Museum at Piazza Navona

I have been curious about Palazzo Braschi for a very long time because I walk by it constantly. Located on the edge of Piazza Navona, you can pass through the courtyard to get to the square. I always imagined the building was filled with statues. As I walked in for the first time, it did […]

Ara Pacis Museum in Rome

In a city that is usually a mishmash of burnt colors, architectural styles, and varying heights, the Ara Pacis stands out. Pure white and glass. Clean lines. It is a building you remember for its cool simplicity rather than its towering domes. Inside, the museum is small and simple. Because the main attraction is smack-dab […]