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Picasso in Rome

Picasso first came in Rome in 1917 when he was 35 years old – making 2017 the 100-year anniversary of his visit. It was originally supposed to be a trip to celebrate his wedding, but his mistress decided at the last minute that she did not want to marry Picasso after all. So instead, Picasso […]

Fondazione Prada: Art Museum in Milan

There is something unreal about stepping onto the grounds of Fondazione Prada in Milan. Perhaps it is the location. Set in an unassuming suburb, the beautiful architecture is at odds with its surroundings. And when you paint an entire building shimmering gold? Well, that is pretty hard to ignore against Milan’s gray skies. Fondazione Prada […]

H.C. Andersen Museum in Rome

When I had lunch with Barbara at L’Uliveto, we compared Rome notes. I always like to compare notes because you never know what you are going to learn about this enigma of a city. When we got on the topics of museums, I mentioned that I love Centrale Montemartini. The clash of ancient Roman marble […]