Giorgio De Chirico House Museum in Rome

Rome buildings

A few minutes inside the Giorgio de Chirico House Museum and it is easy to see why the artist once claimed:

“They say that Rome is at the centre of the world and that Piazza di Spagna is in the centre of Rome, therefore, my wife and I, would indeed be living in the centre of the centre of the world…”

Rome buildings

The Greek-born Italian painter spent much of his career living at one of Rome’s most famous piazzas, and his views over the center of the city are truly mesmerizing.

De Chirico self portrait

Being married to a painter, I am lucky enough to be nudged more towards uncovering Rome’s artistic gems than I might be if left to my own devices.

De Chirico home in Rome

We spoke about visiting Giorgio de Chirico’s home for years before I finally made the reservation for Jimmy and I to take a tour one warm Saturday.

De Chirico Fondation Rome

Housed in the 17th century Palazzetto del Borgognon, the De Chirico apartment is now a house museum, that visitors can view during a guided tour.

De Chirico purchased the house in 1948, and much of the apartment is filled with furniture from the 1950s.

De Chirico apartment in Rome

Following his death in 1978, his wife Isa set the way for their home to be converted into a museum in his honor by leaving it to the state in 1998.

A large collection of De Chirico’s work from his many periods hang in the rooms.

De Chirico embrace sculpture

And his geometric sculptures are on display.

De Chirico-9

From the upper level, you have a view of the Trinità dei Monti.

View from Rome apartment

In a back room beyond the bedrooms, you will find the artist’s studio.

De Chirico studio

It is the home-like quality that makes the museum so intriguing.

De Chirico-16

The artifacts on display in the Giorgio De Chirico House Museum are not artifacts at all – they are real pieces of a very talented life.

De Chirico home view

And the view is not bad either…

De Chirico has inspired poets and painters for decades, but it was the city of Rome that always inspired him.

De Chirico view from home
Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico Casa-Museo
Piazza di Spagna, 31
Rome, Italy (Centro Storico)

Open: Tuesday to Saturday, and the first Sunday of the months. Visits only allowed via tours, which take place at 1o am, 11 am and 12 pm, in English or Italian.

Booking is obligatory and the visit costs €7. Click here to book.


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