Arco degli Acetari – The Hidden Vinegar Maker’s Arch in Rome

You are going to have to trust me, but…

You really should walk through this slightly suspect arch:

The arch in question is Arco degli Acetari – the vinegar maker’s arch.

It appears to be perpetually under construction.

But if you weave past the wheel barrows and bags of cement, you will quickly arrive at a lovely internal courtyard.

For hundreds of years, this medieval courtyard was where vinegar makers worked in Rome.

The serene cobblestoned square is only about a 1-minute walk from Campo de’ Fiori.

But filled with climbing vines, hanging laundry, and peace signs, it feels lightyears away from the busy (and touristy) market.

The courtyard is the entry way to many private homes, so there is not much to do other than admire the buildings, the colors, and the lush urban space.

But it might be just the breather you need in between stops in central Rome.

It’s easy to find – just look for the archway near Via del Pellegrino 19.

It is one of Rome’s forgotten corners, and that makes me love it all the more.

Arco degli Acetari (Vinegar Makers’ Arch)
Via del Pellegrino, 19
Rome, Italy (Centro Storico)

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