Parco degli Acquedotti: Park of the Aqueducts in Rome

Located on the outskirts of Rome, Parco degli Acquedotti is one of Rome’s most interesting parks.

One of Rome’s must underexplored outdoor spaces, Parco degli Acquedotti offers a taste of the grandeur of the ancient empire’s famous aqueducts.

The structures were built to bring fresh water from the mountains and countrysides into the city.

That they still stand today is a testament to this incredible feat of engineering.

Virtually tourist free, locals know that this section of Parco dell’Appia Antica is perfect for enjoying Rome’s near-perfect weather.

Just a few miles from the center of Rome, the park contains long stretches of the Aqua Felix, as well as portions of the aqueduct known as Aqua Claudia.

The wide expanses of meadows, dotted with umbrella pines and crisscrossed with the massive ancient ruins feels other worldly.

And yet, the park is tantalizing close to the Eternal City.

Simply hop on metro line A to Lucio Sestio or Giulio Agricola, and be prepared to walk about 10 minutes to the park entrance.

The large grassy areas under the aqueducts are filled with picnicking families on the weekends, but you can also rent a bike to explore the park.

Most simple of all is to visit Parco degli Acquedotti with plenty of time to stroll. Exploring the park on foot is one of my favorite free things to do in Rome throughout the year.

Have you ever visited Parco degli Acquedotti? Or will you be adding it your must see list now?

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4 thoughts on “Parco degli Acquedotti: Park of the Aqueducts in Rome

  1. Camille Ward says:

    I really enjoy all your postings and this one is no exception! Looks like a perfect place for a bike ride and picnic for sure. Great photos too. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this blog – fun to read, great images, useful and it really deepens my interest in Rome/Italy.

  2. Lessa says:

    I visited this park with my family back in 2015. It was absolutely beautiful and I loved how it was off the beaten path. We were probably the only tourists there. I enjoyed seeing the locals biking, walking and even children playing football in the shadow of these ancient structures. Absolutely worth a visit if you are a repeat visitor to Rome or are on an extended trip. I always enjoy seeing a slice of local life rather than just the touristic centres.

    We are unusual tourists and we walked this park and then walked over to Via Appia Antica and walked that back into Rome with stops at the Baths of Caracalla and the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterno. By the end of the day we had walked over 25km. It was an amazing day but completely exhausting.

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