Panificio Bonci in Prati, Rome

This simple blue “Panificio” sign should hit you like a beacon – guiding you towards all things baked and bread-y.

That’s what ‘panificio’ means – bakery (for breads, rather than for pastries). And this one happens to be run by Gabriele Bonci of Pizzarium fame. While his pizza by the slice is excellent, his interest in dough hardly stops there.

panificio bonci rome

All you have to do to sample it yourself is head out to Prati. You will know you have arrived when you find the cars double or triple parked, Roman style.

There are small sweets, but the shop is also an excellent choice when the line at Pizzarium gets ridiculous because Panifico Bonci does make pizza – however, the kinds of toppings are more limited.

It’s hard to choose between pizza and cookies – so why bother? Get some of both.

The only thing missing from Panificio Bonci is coffee.

That means that I always end up taking my (delicious) cornetto or apple-topped breakfast pastry to go.

Perfectly browned, crisped on the outside and pillowy inside. These are some of my favorite cornetti in Rome.

Really, you can find a doughy snack any time of day.

Don’t resist too long.

Panificio Bonci

Via Trionfale, 36
Rome, Italy (Prati)

3 thoughts on “Panificio Bonci in Prati, Rome

  1. Breana says:

    Thanks so much Natalie for posting these delicious views! Reminds me when I visited Rome long ago; wish to have stayed there. Something about Rome is instilled deep inside, such a warm longing to go back.

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