Restoration Complete on Rome’s Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps have reopened after a lengthy restoration process.


What you can see of them, between the hordes of people, does indeed look exceptionally clean.

spanish-steps- in rome

With the scaffolding also finally removed from Trinità dei Monti, the area is once again picture-perfect.

The €1.5 million restoration bill was paid for by Bulgari, which makes sense because the Italian luxury brand has a flagship store just a few meters from Rome’s most famous stairs. Footing the bill for the cleaning of the iconic monument was the jewelry brand’s way of celebrating its 130th anniversary.


The investment is one they are looking to maintain. Paolo Bulgari, the head of the company, requested a gate be erected to protect the open-air staircase from tourists.

Rome’s (increasingly beleaguered) mayor squashed plans to install a gate to close the Spanish Steps nightly. However, she is sticking to her promise to ensure everyone remains on their best behavior by increasing police presence.  Just after re-opening, the 7 tourists were smacked with a €900 fine for drinking wine on the lovely staircase.  (Based on a 2012 law, it is illegal to eat and drink on Roman landmarks).


The gleaming white travertine steps are indeed heavily patrolled, so do not even think about enjoying your gelato while climbing them.

However, you should climb them sans-snacks, because the view is incredible.

Spanish steps view

This weekend, I sat and watched the crowds in order to hang around until sunset.

Spanish Steps in Rome

Rome puts on quite a show, and the Spanish Steps are one of the best seats in the house. I am thrilled that they have finally reopened.

sunset in rome

4 thoughts on “Restoration Complete on Rome’s Spanish Steps

  1. Paula says:

    We were there on Sunday evening and unfortunately couldn’t see the steps because of so many people sitting on them! I guess it is difficult to stop people from hanging around especially at sunset but it makes it so hard to see the lovely site! Maybe sunrise would have been a better option!

      • Monica says:

        I was in Rome the weekend that the Spanish Steps opened and went just before sunrise that Saturday. There was literally no one else on the steps at around 6 a.m. and the marble looked like it was sparkling in the moonlight. It was magical. BTW Natalie, I referred to your blog often during my trip, particularly regarding Rione Monti. Thanks for all you’ve shared!

        • Natalie says:

          Wow! I have to try to get out of bed and to the steps at that time of the morning.

          And so glad that blog was a useful resource for your trip! 🙂

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