Modern Cocktails at Pasticcio

UPDATE AUGUST 2018: Pasticcio is now closed. The location is now PianoAlto.

I lived in Los Angeles for 6 years.

Some of my best friends still live in LA, but I had to leave before it drove me absolutely crazy.

I still go back to DTLA every year to get a taste of the craziness– in fact, I am there RIGHT NOW… so I was totally feeling a new Rome bar with a bit of LA vibes when it open in Rome in October.

Pasticcio is situated just beyond Ponte Testaccio, where Le Garage was previously located. (Side note: I always thought it was weird that there was a restaurant above a parking lot named ‘Le Garage’).

Pasticcio Rome

The space has been redone and we cozied right up to the copper bar when a craving for cocktails hit.

Generally, I am more of a wine and beer girl, but these cocktails were works of art.

First up, a Mexican Button.

Mexican Button Cocktail

The cocktail is made with mescal, agave nectar, lime juice and pepper liquor, but the “button” part of the name comes from the garnish. The flower on the side is a szechuan button.

I was instructed to eat it first, with a small warning that it would numb my mouth.

Um. It numbed it, then cooled it, then filled it was a strange sour bitterness that I would probably not repeat, but the drink itself balanced out the sensation.

The To-Go was served Ramen style. (Clever. I see what they did there).

Ramen cocktail

The Manhattan was classy and classic.

Manhattan in Rome

The Playboy wins. The Playboy wins it all.

Rose-infused gin, lime juice, passion fruit syrup, vanilla, and a side of champagne.


Champagne cocktail

We had snacks, because cocktails call for snacks. Fritti di verdure was crispy with the right salt.

verdure fritte

Then we had dessert, because snacks call for dessert. Crema Fritta- literally fried cream.

I am a sucker for savory and sweet so I was a fan.

pasta fritta

We didn’t sit for dinner because our main goal was cocktails, but Pasticcio offers a full menu and was buzzing. Make sure to book and let me know how it goes.

cocktails and food in rome

We’ll be back for the Playboys alone.


Lungotevere Portuense, 200,
00153 Roma, Italy

Open: Monday – Thursday 6:00 PM – 3:00 AM
Friday- Saturday: 6:00 PM – 4:00 AM
Sunday: 6:00 PM – 12:00 AM


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