Views of Rome from the Pincio Terrace

Some spots in Rome are unmissable, and most of whirlwind trip can be taken up by zipping between the Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain…

But it would be a mistake to skip the Pincio Terrace.

Pincio palm tree

A lone palm tree marks the spot on one of the best hills in Rome.

Though not one of the “seven hills of Rome,” the Pincian hill offers sweeping views of the city.

Pincio view

Above the trees, you can gaze down at the historic center and across towards the Vatican.

pincio panorama

The layers and domes of Rome are what get me every time.

piazza del popolo

The Pincio terrace sits directly above Piazza del Popolo, at the end of Via del Corso.

View from the Pincio

You can access the terrace, and the free Pincian view via Villa Borghese.

Pincio terrace

Follow the signs to “Pincio” and keep an eye out for selfie-stick sellers.

How to get to Pincio terrace

Or, you can take the stairs from Piazza del Popolo up.  When facing the terrace, the stairs are to the left.

However you arrive, you might have a hard time leaving. This is one of my favorite views in all of Rome.

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