Views from the Colosseum

Every time I fly in or out of Rome, I try to spot the Colosseum from above.

And I will absolutely go out of way to walk by the Colosseum, even after living in Rome for all these years.

I will even climb the Vittoriano in the sweltering heat, just for a different view of the monument (… and a coffee).

I love views OF the Colosseum, but it turns out that the view FROM the Colosseum is also pret-ty solid.

inside the colosseum

As you walk through the outer ring of the Colosseum, you will catch a glimpse of Monti and Colle Oppio through the arches.

Monti from the Colosseum

I can’t imagine what it would be like to live in one of these apartments, overlooking ancient Rome’s most iconic ruins.

Rome neighborhood

And while I love spying on Rome’s skyline, the more impressive view requires a climb to the third level terrace.

Roman Forum

From there, the Roman Forum spreads out beneath you.

Palatine Hill

You can see the Palatine Hill just beyond.

arch of constantine

And the Arch of Constantine has never looked better.

Rome Arch at Colosseum


Rome Forum

This bird’s eye view of Rome is exclusive. You will have the terrace all to yourself, which is pretty amazing.

Access is only possible through authorized tour operators, like Through Eternity. I was lucky enough to join the Colosseum Underground Tour, which includes a visit to this terrace and these gorgeous views.

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