Coffee Pot Trastevere: Cocktails and Sushi Tacos

Coffee Pot is one of those places that is *so cool.*

I tried to go opening night, when they inaugurated their new location in Trastevere.

This… was a mistake.  People were smushed in everywhere and it was obvious that it would take 30 minutes to even make our way to the bar. 

coffee pot trastevere

We hurriedly executed Plan B and bounced.

I made sure to go back mid-week right when they opened the doors at 7 pm.

Plenty-o space.

Bar in Trastevere Rome

The decor, the customers and the menu all give off that same impossibly cool vibe.

This is the place to break out your most hipster chic outfit after you spend hours getting that “I rolled out of bed at 5 pm” look juuuuust right.

cocktail at coffee pot

The €10 aperitivo includes a drink from the mezcal- and caipirinha-heavy cocktail list.  Or, for €8, you can take wine instead.

From there, you can select one item from their rolls or taco menu.

I was days away from a trip to California when we stopped in and I could not resist the shrimp taco. (Shrimp tacos were pretty much what I was thinking of exclusively at that point).

shrimp taco rome


On second thought, the sushi taco really did look much better so I splurged on a second item.

sushi taco rome

I can’t really excuse mayo-based sauces on anything billed as sushi.

sushi tacos

Next time I would request this senza salsa.

But really, you go for the atmosphere, and not the noms.

Just wear your coolest shoes, pls.

Coffee Pot Trastevere
Via del Politeama, 12,
00153 Roma, Italy

+39 347 282 0618

Open: 7 pm – 2 am everyday, plus lunch on Sundays.


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