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Oasi Della Birra in Testaccio

The sign outside of Oasi della Birra reads “Palombi Enoteca,” but rest assured that you have arrived at the oasis of beer. The bottle shop turned bar and restaurant is one of Testaccio’s most popular watering holes. Set on the edge of the piazza (main square), the bar has a list of hundreds of beers […]

Doppio Zero: Aperitivo Buffet in Rome

It is basically thanks to Doppio Zero that I got my Masters degree. This local bar has one of the best aperitivos in town. Just so we are clear, an aperitivo is how you can eat AND drink on student budget in Rome. The bar is located in Rome’s Ostiense quarter, basically in the shadow of the gasometro. For […]

Taverna Volpetti: Wine Bar and more in Testaccio, Rome

By the time I cross Via Marmorata, I know that I am nearly home. Turning up Via Alessandro Volta, head down and aiming towards the piazza I nearly tripped over the pavement when I saw what had happened to Volpetti Piu. “Huuhhhhwhaaaaaaaat?” I managed, cartoon-style. “What. What is this?” Inside, the old tavola calda, was […]

Queen Makeda: Craft Beer and Aperitivo

I get that it’s only Monday, but I can tell already that this is going to be a long week. Let’s talk about beer. Walking up from Viale Aventino, you will pass some of the lovely villas of San Saba before you reach Queen Makeda Grand Pub. Nestled in a fairly residential area, the pub […]

Coffee Pot Trastevere: Cocktails and Sushi Tacos

Coffee Pot is one of those places that is *so cool.* I tried to go opening night, when they inaugurated their new location in Trastevere. This… was a mistake.  People were smushed in everywhere and it was obvious that it would take 30 minutes to even make our way to the bar.  We hurriedly executed […]

Tram Depot: Testaccio’s Quirky Coffee Cart

One of the best things about Testaccio is very practical: location. Living here, we are within a short walk to the center, a few minutes from Trastevere, and well connected to everything else by the train, metro, tram and bus lines that skirt the edges of the neighborhood. My preference is always for the tram […]