Queen Makeda: Craft Beer and Aperitivo

I get that it’s only Monday, but I can tell already that this is going to be a long week.

Let’s talk about beer.

Walking up from Viale Aventino, you will pass some of the lovely villas of San Saba before you reach Queen Makeda Grand Pub.

queen makeda pub

Nestled in a fairly residential area, the pub is modern and spacious.

Craft beer bar Rome

You can grab a table or if you have an Irish husband, you can do as I did and plunk yourself directly at the bar.

Queen Makeda Rome

There is a pretty clear advantage to bar sitting if you are in the area for aperitivo. Queen Makeda has a bit of a gimmick – a rotating conveyor belt of fried snacks.

conveyor belt of food

The aperitivo snacks fly by, and it is up to you how many and what sort you want to nab as they pass.

What sorts are there? Well, predominantly small bites of croquettes, and mini ham and cheese sandwiches.

Bacon and beer

And bacon.

Just straight up bacon in a cup.

Which is weird, but it was bacon, so we went with it.

craft beer on draft in Rome

As interesting as conveyor belts of bacon might be, the main draw is the beer.

With around 40 craft beer (and the occasional cider) on draft at any time, any picky beer lover will be happy here.

If you want, rather than sitting at the bar, you can sit at your own table with a personal tap. (You’ll pay at the end based on the volume you poured).

Beer in Rome

I have to say, it is such a relief to finally have more beer choices in Rome than Peroni or Moretti.

At Queen Makeda, the beer will set you back €5 a pop.

bar near FAO

That makes the €10 aperitivo (which includes your choice of beer) a pretty good deal.

I mean, if you like bacon.

Queen Makeda Rome

Queen Makeda Grand Pub

Via di S. Saba, 11,
00153 Rome, Italy (Aventino/San Saba)
Phone: +39 06 575 9608

Book a table online

Open: Every day from 12 pm – 3 pm, and 6 pm – 2 am. Aperitivo starts at 6 pm.


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    Hello, My wifes name is Makeda…and i want to suprice her with a glass …i see you have great Makeda beer glasses…. where can i get one????
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