BrewDog Craft Beer in Rome

UPDATE 2022: Sadly closed

Located behind the Colosseum, Rome’s BrewDog is in an ideal spot to enjoy a pint.

Filled with exposed brick and high tables, the pub has a buzzing atmosphere.

You might recognize the craft beer – which is Scottish rather than Italian.

Available beers are listed on a large blackboard, and there’s no need to stop after just one.

You can try plenty of Brewdog’s own creation or begin sampling from their list of guest brewers (which tend towards Italian and other European craft beer makers).

We popped in on our way to dinner in Monti after visiting the Scala Sancta with Jimmy’s parents.

Because there was a meal in near our future, we didn’t have a chance to sample the menu. It ranges, however, from vegan burgers to nachos so I am intrigued enough to go back soon.

But I can attest that the beer is excellent.

Even Brewdog’s non-alcoholic “beer,” which was honestly such a welcome treat for me seeing as I was 8 months pregnant on our first visit.

Great beer and and interesting food aside, it really is the location that is the most appealing part of Rome’s Brewdog pub.

As soon as you step outside the door, this is your view:

Yes. It is THAT close to the Colosseum.

Pop in for a beverage the next time you need to rest up after touring.

BrewDog Roma
Via delle Terme di Tito, 80
00184 Rome

+39 06 4555 6932

Open: Everyday from 12 pm to 1 am (or 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays).



6 thoughts on “BrewDog Craft Beer in Rome

  1. Bill says:

    I agree Brew Dog beer is good beer, however…A smaller, independent brewer recently told me a shortage of good hops is developing in the UK because Brew Dog, becoming a large successful chain with increased buying power, is mass buying the best hops in the UK. As a result, small independent brewers are struggling to compete on price and don’t have the same buying power. By all means, please enjoy a pint of Brew Dog from time to time, but please remember to support the little guy and don’t limit your taste 🙂

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