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Oasi Della Birra in Testaccio

The sign outside of Oasi della Birra reads “Palombi Enoteca,” but rest assured that you have arrived at the oasis of beer. The bottle shop turned bar and restaurant is one of Testaccio’s most popular watering holes. Set on the edge of the piazza (main square), the bar has a list of hundreds of beers […]

BrewDog Craft Beer in Rome

UPDATE 2022: Sadly closed Located behind the Colosseum, Rome’s BrewDog is in an ideal spot to enjoy a pint. Filled with exposed brick and high tables, the pub has a buzzing atmosphere. You might recognize the craft beer – which is Scottish rather than Italian. Available beers are listed on a large blackboard, and there’s […]

Open Baladin: Craft Beer in Rome’s Historic Center

I sometimes forget about Open Baladin. Incredibly central, a huge selection of craft beers and beautifully designed – I should be there more often than I am. But all of those attributes make it a popular place to hang out, with weekend lines stretching out the door. When we were in Torino for a quick […]

Craft beer at Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fa’ in Trastevere, Rome

ma che siete venuti a fa beer in Rome

Inviting sensible friends out for a beer keeps you honest. Any wild guess of which pint is mine? But to be fair, I was just embracing the attitude of Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fa’, a tiny pub in one of Trastevere’s many tiny streets. Ma che siete venuti a fa’ essentially translates to: “but what did […]

Queen Makeda: Craft Beer and Aperitivo

I get that it’s only Monday, but I can tell already that this is going to be a long week. Let’s talk about beer. Walking up from Viale Aventino, you will pass some of the lovely villas of San Saba before you reach Queen Makeda Grand Pub. Nestled in a fairly residential area, the pub […]