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Taverna Volpetti: Wine Bar and more in Testaccio, Rome

By the time I cross Via Marmorata, I know that I am nearly home. Turning up Via Alessandro Volta, head down and aiming towards the piazza I nearly tripped over the pavement when I saw what had happened to Volpetti Piu. “Huuhhhhwhaaaaaaaat?” I managed, cartoon-style. “What. What is this?” Inside, the old tavola calda, was […]

Volpetti Specialty Food Store in Rome’s Testaccio Neighborhood

When I first moved to Rome, Amazon was a pipe dream. Yelp? Didn’t yet exist here. (Not that it would have mattered so much, because though I paid handsomely, my internet barely functioned). And just so we are clear on timelines: New York got Eataly before Rome did. All this to say- if you needed […]