Tram Depot: Testaccio’s Quirky Coffee Cart

One of the best things about Testaccio is very practical: location.

Living here, we are within a short walk to the center, a few minutes from Trastevere, and well connected to everything else by the train, metro, tram and bus lines that skirt the edges of the neighborhood.

My preference is always for the tram because it tends to be slightly less crowded than the bus.  But the most interesting tram is the one that is no longer operational, and popped up in the neighborhood the summer before last: Tram Depot.

Tram depot Testaccio

Sandwiched between busy Via Marmorata, Via Galvani, a car park and the post office, they have managed to create a small outdoor refuge.

Tram depot marmorata

The de-commissioned tram dishes out drinks, where they have transformed the kind of awkward space into a cozy and workable retreat.  The sound of the road fades away and you can catch up with friends or tap away at a laptop.
seating tram depot

I am a sucker for retro chairs, which is exactly why I stopped in the first time.

2014-10-16 11.04.06

I prefer to stop in for wine, local beer, or finger food.  I am less a fan of the coffee, which looks good but does not quite live up to expectations.

UPDATE: Read my more recent post on Tram Depot for the story of their speciality coffee.

2014-10-16 11.15.37

But, it is a nice place to relax after a day of exploring, particularly after touring the Non-Catholic Cemetery and Piramide, which are just down the street.

Tram Depot
Corner of Via Marmorata and Via Galvani
Hours are supposedly 7:00 am to 2:00 am, but I find this hard to guarantee.


4 thoughts on “Tram Depot: Testaccio’s Quirky Coffee Cart

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  2. G+A says:

    We were strolling by and spotted this place.
    What was supposed to be a quick pit stop turned into a leisurely afternoon drinking lovely coffees.
    They even showed me how to make to make a shakerato!

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