Third Wave Coffee in Rome: Tram Depot


Here goes.

Those three little words that my husband loves to hear:

Tram Depot Rome Natalie Kennedy
I. Was. Wrong.

I know. I know.

That NEVER happens.

Tram Depot Testaccio

It’s a weird feeling, this wrongness.

But I need to correct my own misperception – Tram Depot actually serves great Third Wave coffee.

Artisan coffee in Rome

Too small to roast any beans, Tram Depot sources its coffee from Lady Café.

The artisan roaster, based outside of Parma, has 11 single origin coffees, and Tram Depot keeps two in rotation at any given time.

Tram_Depot_Simple_Espresso_Natalie Kennedy_6

I have been stopping in a lot lately to speak to the lovely ladies who work there, while taking a deep and rich caffe.

Dripper coffee in Rome

I have sat at the table to write in the sun-dappled shade with a dripper.

Tram_Depot_outdoor_only_Natalie Kennedy_8

I’ve gone back for iced coffee, that is refreshing without losing its flavour to dilution.

I have even retried the cappuccino. The cappuccio might still be my least favorite – though perhaps I simply need to ask for the milk to be a bit hotter.

Perfect cappuccino

The cornetti, from deliFrance, are made with butter and wholly satisfying.

We still go on aimless evenings for a glass of wine, but Tram Depot has quickly become my new go-to Testaccio coffee joint when I need a speciality fix.

tram coffee cart in rome

For more on the little coffee cart that could, check out my coverage on Sprudge.

5 thoughts on “Third Wave Coffee in Rome: Tram Depot

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  2. G+A says:

    This should have been a quick pit stop on a walk.
    Instead it turned into a very nice afternoon of coffee and watching the world go by.
    The ladies were lovely and even showed me how to make a shakerato!
    The fire station across the road is very ornate

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