Pergamino Caffe: Third Wave Coffee Near the Vatican in Rome

I probably would have previously classified the area around the Vatican Museums as a foodie wasteland.  Inundated with tourists who needed to tick the Sistine Chapel off their must-see list, there were very few good options for a decent meal or a good cup of coffee.

That began to change with Panificio Bonci, and now with the addition of Be.Re.

But located just one door down from Be.Re is also some of the best coffee in Rome at Pergamino Caffè.

It was actually a barista at Tram Depot who told me to head out to the Vatican to try Pergamino because the shop was also serving third wave coffee from specialty roaster Lady Caffe.

Pergamino Caffe does indeed focus mainly on Italian roasters, including Caffe Rinaldi (which they have for sale if you want to pick up a bag to take home).

In keeping with the standard in Rome, Pergamino has different prices for coffee depending on if you enjoy it at the bar or at the table. (Table prices are always higher).

However, what is not standard is that you can also try speciality coffee drinks like a green coffee infusion or a cold brew Nitro. In fact, Pergamino Caffe is the first coffee bar in Italy to have a nitro tap.

Pergamino offers dripper and even syphon coffee, but it you want a more standard espresso drink, they have a gleaming La Marzocco standing at the ready.

I opted for a cappuccino because I stopped in at breakfast time.  In the same vein of Ditta Artigianale in Florence, Pergamino has a philosophy when it comes to milk. Theirs is sourced locally from an organic producer in Paliano.

The staff was super friendly and ready to chat about coffee, which was another bonus.

Pergamino is definitely going to be added to my regular rotation for specialty coffee in Rome!

Pergamino Caffe

Piazza del Risorgimento 7,
Rome, Italy (Borgo)

Open from 8 am – 8 pm every day. Find them on Facebook.

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  1. Kathy says:

    I am also planning to visit Rome soon. It is really awesome to see your blog about your experiences visiting Rome! It has made be fascinated to see your photos in Rome. <3 Thanks for this blog dear!

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