Buon anno a tutti!  Happy New Year!

Thanks to one of my favorite British expats in Rome, I have a new way of remembering how to say ‘Happy New Year’ in Italian.  After wishing him many happy returns he said:

“Eh, yah, roight! A buon anno tah yah tew! I can remember tat one.  Sounds like ‘banahnah’.” (Ah, yeah, right! A buon anno to you too! I can remember that one! Sounds like ‘banana’.)

So yes, now I will always think of bananas when I think of new years.  Buon Anno does sound like ba-nana.  A little bit.

Just make sure you say BOTH n’s.

Anno means year.

Ano means anus.

And as happy as you are about the new year, I doubt you want to wish everyone a happy anus.

7 thoughts on “Buon-An-no

  1. Dena says:

    HI, JUST WANTED TO GIVE YOU A HAPPY NEW YEARS , And thank you so much for your blog, i found it a bit back, when i was planning a trip to Italy, and love it , i read it all after i found it, and wrote myself notes , about everything you suggested, i went to rome in august and rented an apartment, and stayed for 2 weeks, i went to all the places you wrote about , the best streets to shop vintage, best gelato places,places to eat, places to see, the tiny church in the alley, i hit them them all, the pizza, and restaurants , your info planned my whole trip, and it was wonderful, the info was so helpful i truly thank you for all the info,the history , the suggestions and places you visited , and how to get there, truly helped me, i can’t thank you enough, I love italy , wish i could just stay there, but with the stuff you have written about the visa etc. seems like it would difficult to just pop up and say i’d like to live in italy, wish you luck on being able to get the paper work done to stay in Italy, Its like i am seeing my dream through your eyes, hope you continue your blog , LOVE IT. Thanks and hope you have another good and new year in Italy.

    • L'americana says:

      Dena- I think your comment just made my year! I’m glad your Roman getaway was such a success and I am happy if I could have been of any help at all! May 2012 bring you many more exciting travels 🙂

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