The Ultimate Christmas Hybrid

While walking around after a failed attempt to claim a package from the bowels of the Italian postal system, I spotted the ultimate way of spreading Italian holiday cheer. A Natale hybrid:

That would be a panettone carved into a presepe and covered in chocolate.

And for just 23 euro, this Christmas cake turned crib scene could be all yours!


2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Christmas Hybrid

  1. Bianca says:

    This looks it was made with a lot of love 😉 Great blog you have 🙂 I once had a school project about tourism in Rome and learned Italian at school. Therefore, I’m kinda connected to this beautiful country in the south of Europe 🙂 Just found your blog online and will look around some more 😉
    Merry Christmas! I guess you’re heading home to Cali 😉

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