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Merry Christmas from Rome! (2016)

The Christmas decorations are quite understated in Rome this year. Gone is the Christmas fair in Piazza Navona, but the carousel spins on. It is an austerity Christmas, thanks for the most part to Rome’s newish mayor. And the Romans, who will tolerate quite a bit, are not. having. it. It has brought me much […]

Il Presepio- Italian Nativity Scenes

We are gearing up to celebrate to Christmas in Rome, and while we have propped up a sad imitation tree that did not really survive the year well in the attic, many homes around us have set up ‘il presepio’. A presepio (or presepe) is a Christmas manger scene that is set up in a […]

The Ultimate Christmas Hybrid

While walking around after a failed attempt to claim a package from the bowels of the Italian postal system, I spotted the ultimate way of spreading Italian holiday cheer. A Natale hybrid: That would be a panettone carved into a presepe and covered in chocolate. And for just 23 euro, this Christmas cake turned crib scene could […]

Thanksgiving in Rome

Pulling off Thanksgiving in Rome is an expensive affair.  All that crazy American import food is going to cost you!  But last year I skipped hosting the holiday and felt incredibly homesick.  Thanksgiving homesickness is a thing apart from Christmas homesickness.  There is something about missing out on a holiday that’s not acknowledged in your […]