Photo Friday: Buon Appetito

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4 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Buon Appetito

    • L'americana says:

      Very close! Pappardelle alla lepre. This is in Nemi, but you are correct that traditionally it’s found a little further north. Where was the best ragu’ you ever had? Northern Italy?

  1. kif says:

    well, nice question, let’s say… am I a little partisan if I reply: my hometown !?!? (Ravenna)
    however, Bologna is considered the birthplace of ragù. In fact, when you see a tourist-trap restaurant -those with the menù translated in english, you know- often they call it “bolognese sauce”. Basically the entire emilia – romagna (bologna and ravenna belong to it) it’s the region of ragù

    come and visit Ravenna. It may not be the best place on earth, but it is worth doing it and many people really loved this town. Don’t forget to advise if you choose Ravenna, me and my family we have a free couch 🙂

    • L'americana says:

      Haha, many thanks for the tips and the invitation. Bologna and Ravenna are both on the list. Bologna this autumn, and Ravenna when it gets a bit warmer once more 🙂

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