Photo Friday: Istanbul

Right now I am craving Turkish coffee, missing a lovely friend, and hoping that everyone in Istanbul is safe and well.

P.S. We aren’t currently in Istanbul, but we are in a place that starts with “I”. Any I-deas?

8 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Istanbul

    • L'americana says:

      Not Izmir… but now that I’ve looked up photos, I might have to book a trip! This time we were in Ireland πŸ™‚

  1. Caroline says:

    “An American in Barcelona…” – next blog idea?! [Although I’d hate it if you stopped writing this one!]

    Your travel ideas are wonderful – I completely took your tip and went on a little day trip further afield last weekend, and am driving down to the seaside for a mini-break next week. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are amazing places to visit that don’t require you to jump on an expensive plane!

    ANYWAY – ramblings aside! – that espresso cup is exquisite, and I’m loving your round-up of Italian food-writers. Although I actually quite adore your sarcastic spots of ironic foodstuffs/bad restaurant decor!! xxx

    • L'americana says:

      ooh boo! I wrote a long response and somehow clicked out of it instead of posting.

      In summary: I wish I was lucky enough to split time between Rome and Barcelona, but that is probably asking too much.

      So glad you had a mini-holiday and explored the hidden gems in your proverbial backyard. It can do wonders for refreshing yourself after a hard week at work, without the major price tag.

      Thanks for the sweet words of encouragement- so glad you enjoyed the posts πŸ™‚

    • L'americana says:

      This is a great guess! And I see how it makes sense with the Italy-connection, and the fact that it makes sense I meant a city beginning with “I”, but we were in Ireland visiting family and friends πŸ™‚

    • L'americana says:

      An EXCELLENT guess. We are going there at the end of September, but this time we were actually in Ireland.

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