Growing Italian Herbs

Real title: I’ve actually already killed these plants.

But by god, they were lovely and delicious while they latest. From the walk home from the farmer’s market at Circo Massimo, to the whole three weeks I kept them semi-alive in Testaccio.

7 thoughts on “Growing Italian Herbs

  1. Karen says:

    Maybe they need to be repotted? Whenever I’ve bought potted herbs, the roots were already growing out the bottom. That said, I never bother to repot them and after a couple of months, they all die too. Though I do still have a basil that I bought three or four months ago.

    • L'americana says:

      Ah! Good advice. Thanks 🙂

      That is pretty much the cycle I am on: buy, keep alive one month, buy new plant. So 3-4 months is a huge success story. The seller always tells me to repot them, but I don’t understand how large the new pot needs to be? I still would like it to fit easily in the window, so not sure how to give those roots more space!

  2. Jean-Noël says:

    Nice title, but I was hoping to find solutions to my problem and not plant obituaries.
    Greetings from San Lorenzo.

    • L'americana says:

      A fair critique. Based on my extensive experience with killing Italian herbs rather than growing them, from what I can tell, they need to be replanted and given a spoonful of fertilizer or miracle grow every 3-4 weeks. I will try again and let you know of any documented success stories.

  3. tizzie says:

    let me try to guess: from right to left we have basil, “erba cipollina” (ps how do you translate it? “onion herb” maybe?? 🙂 and…. mmm… parsley?

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