Food Writing in Italy

Credit: Andy

I really like food, and I sometimes like writing, but I am not a food writer. I am far too sarcastic for that kind of undertaking, but I enjoy reading about the culinary adventures of others.

There are many talented food and wine writers based in Italy who have garnered much deserved recognition. Their reviews are well thought out and always on the mark.

There are others, three in particular, that I wish would write more often. I know that’s selfish of me, and I know that great things take time, but I want more.

There is Andy, who has left Italy and no longer posts.  Go read through his archive a join me in mourning the internet’s loss of a great story teller: Andy Mangia Bene

There is Mary, who has also left Italy recently, though I am patiently awaiting her return. Mary is another talented young expat who writes about more than just food. She has a lovely way with words that works meals into many of her stories, effortlessly weaving food into her recounting of daily experiences: The Lucky Nomad.

And then there is Rachel. Rachel needs to write a book. I would buy it for myself and all my friends. Her blog is not about consumption, as the title would suggest. It is about living mindfully, eating well, and needs no further introduction: Rachel Eats


I am missing countless others, but only wanted to send a small thank you to this group for their wonderful posts.

P.S. For more food writing offline, I am currently reading a Poor Man’s Feast










5 thoughts on “Food Writing in Italy

  1. Christy says:

    I agree that Rachel must write a book. I say this to myself every time I read a new post. I hope she is already (secretly?) doing so!

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