Fendi Fashion Show at Rome’s Trevi Fountain

You guys, I am kind of losing it over Fendi’s fashion show that was held in Rome this week.

Fendi Fashion show rome

The models literally appeared to walk on water when a clear catwalk was set up inside the Trevi Fountain.

fend fashion at the trevi fountain

If you remember, Fendi paid for the restoration of the Trevi, so it seems pretty fair that they were able to use it as the backdrop for their stunning fashion show.


The shimmering gowns floated like water themselves.


And the show was appropriately titled Legends and Fairy Tales.

Fendi catwalk Rome

Only Karl could come up with such an audacious idea – to send models sashaying down a plexiglass walkway in front of Rome’s most iconic baroque fountain.

Photos via: The New York Times and Fendi 


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