Punto Gelato in Rome’s Centro Storico

I judged Punto Gelato on location alone.

Primely stationed between Ponte Sisto and Campo de’ Fiori, I figured it was pretty much destined to be terrible.

The corner where it sits probably has some of the heaviest foot traffic in all of Rome.

Why should it even bother to try to be good?

The name “Gelato Point” was not exactly helping.

punto gelato-2

Then, on one of the first hot days of early summer, I decided to stop in.

I was instantly intrigued by the flavors.

Bufala gelato with tomato sauce and basil?

Yep. I will take that.

punto gelato-1

Made with organic milk and all natural ingredients, Gunther Rohregger’s gelato is unique and sweetly satisfying.

The shop gets major points for embracing seasonal flavors and being just a few doors down from my beloved Lela Casa.

Added bonus is that there is another location right next to Sant’Eustachio.

punto gelato-3

Full disclosure: buffalo milk anything on a hot day feels a bit heavy. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do it again.

Punto Gelato
Via dei Pettinari, 43
00186 Roma (Centro Storico)

Open every day from 10 am – 1 am (!!)

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