Coffee in Rome from Sant’Eustachio

The plastic sheeting is back.

Testaccio case popular

After a summer of heat waves and travel, I really forgot what Rome is likely on a cool and very rainy day.

In my corner of Testaccio, where a clothes dryer is an unthinkable and unnecessary luxury, that means plastic sheeting.  Clothes do not stop dirtying themselves simply because it is dreary out, nor does the laundry do itself.  So this results in wet clothes hanging in wet weather.

Covered with a plastic sheet. A marker that autumn has finally arrived.

If I had a plastic sheet, I would probably break it out.  Alas, I have not added this to my Italian kitchen do-dads, and so the return of autumn for me means a return to coffee, while staring bleakly at all the laundry I should be doing.

Though I have been trying to reduce my level of near constant caffeination, gray and rainy weekends send me straight for the coffee maker.

sant eustachio coffee rome

Finding a good cappuccino in Rome is a relatively manageable affair.

Buying good coffee that is not already ground to a fine expresso dust is another undertaking all together.

One of the most reliable coffee roasters is the famous Sant’Eustachio il Caffè.

sant'eustachio coffee

Actually, Sant’Eustachio is most famous for its Gran Caffè Speciale, which is a fancy way of referring to a decent cup of caffè premixed with sugar by the barista.

I am not a huge fan of others determining my optimum sugar-to-espresso ratio, and the small bar tends to become PACKED.


So I usually pop in and out as quickly as the line allows to pick up a kilogram of coffee beans to enjoy at my leisure at home, with much more elbow room that the very popular Sant’Eustachio locale allows for.

Kitchen scene with scale

I prefer my beans whole, and in large quantities.

sant'eustachio coffee beans

Between a moka pot, french press, counter top espresso machine, and an American-style drip, I have plenty of coffee paraphernalia.

However, you can also buy the beans in various grinds, and in bags smaller than 1 kg — should you have a need for such teeny tiny amounts of coffee.

Cat with coffee Everyone gets pretty excited when I bring a bag home.

cat tail

Well, at least for a moment.

2 thoughts on “Coffee in Rome from Sant’Eustachio

  1. susan. jerich says:

    Natalie-what’s the best way to order these beans online for delivery? Best way to make a great cup of Italian coffee here in the U.S.? I MISS Italy and envy your life.

    • Natalie says:

      Ciao! They have an e-shop with ground coffee but I am not sure where to purchase the beans for shipping. I am sure you can ask them via the website site!

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