Supplizio: Fried Goodness in Rome’s Centro Storico

fried street food in Rome from Supplizio

The first time I ever had supplì, I spit it out.

I was mid-conversation, and I picked up a small fried ball and popped it into my mouth. Without breaking eye contact, I very quickly spit it back into my napkin with little to no subtlety.

It was one of the most awkward, and also stupidest, things I have ever done.  Supplì are delicious!

Well, many supplì are delicious. This particular one was small and previously frozen. It being my fourth day in Italy and all, I also may have thought it was a chicken nugget and spit it out more from surprise than anything else. Maybe.

When I look back on that moment, not only do I feel bad for Matteo who was stuck talking to me, I also laugh.  Supplì are now my go-to snack.  If I am feeling even slightly peckish, I can easily justify a 1 euro ball of fried rice, sauce, cheese and goodness.

Supplì are mainly eaten as starters before a pizza dinner.  I, however, can make a meal out of them. Especially at a place like Supplizio where I can basically consume enough to replace dinner.

supplizio rome

Located on Via dei Banchi Vecchi, it’s not really difficult for me to come up with an excuse for why I need to be in the area. From there, it only take a bit of reasoning to justify why I need to stop in for some cibo di strada (street food).

supplizio rome menu

Supplizio has several snacks on offer and I am often tempted by the crocchetta, but stick to the supplì.  At 3 euro a pop, they are slightly more than at a local pizzeria, but are also slightly bigger. Plus, compared to the fritti prices at L’Arcangelo, these seem like a steal.

interior supplizio

From the chef behind L’Arcangelo, Supplizio has a distinctively similar decor vibe.

(Side note: can someone please explain the little trucks to me? I was fascinated with them at the restaurant as well).

classic suppli

But the star is not the arm chairs or the toys, it’s the massive fried rice balls.  Mmmm… fried rice balls.

suppli rosso

Rosso is classic.  If you are going to get just one, make sure this is it.

suppli biano

If, however, you have worked up a real appetite walking around Rome and/or you are like me and ordering two because that is somehow an acceptable meal substitute, go for the bianco as well.

Via dei Banchi Vecchi 143
Monday-Thursday:  12.00 to 20.00
Friday-Saturday:  12.00-15.30 / 18.30-22.30

6 thoughts on “Supplizio: Fried Goodness in Rome’s Centro Storico

    • Natalie says:

      Hi Maureen! They are similar. Arancini are from Sicily and can be larger + cone shaped, but supplì are the Roman version and very close to the ball-shaped arancini. The recipe is similar, but supplì tend to have more red sauce (if you get the rosso). Both are delicious!

  1. Gunnar says:

    I am really getting hungry just by looking at your photos!
    The fried rice ball looks interesting. I don´t think I ever tasted something like that.

    We travel to Italy at least once a year but has so far not been in Roma. Our friends say it´s a must. May be next spring…..

  2. Anne Chung says:

    I just came back from Rome. I wished I had read your blog before I left. Anyway I love arancino, had my first one in Naples years ago but went to Sicily to have the real thing. I wish I could find sforgliatelle in Rome but its only available in Naples. Didn’t have time to eat porchetta this trip.

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