Ponte Sisto

There is something about being in the hot, windless oven that is a Roman apartment in August that makes you want to go outside.

We’ve reached the point in August where outside is just as hot and just as windless, but there’s still something to be said for trying to trick yourself into think it’s cool.

Strolling across my favorite bridge, Ponte Sisto, and taking in the views is one of the ways I attempt to do this.  Look at how deep blue the water appears at sunset. Doesn’t that just scream refreshing? I mean, insofar as anyone can ever describe the Tiber as ‘refreshing.’

Don’t worry, it was still hot enough for me to continue sarcastically observing how “charming” it is to live AC-free.

10 thoughts on “Ponte Sisto

  1. Kathleen Senior says:

    My 2 daughters and I just got back from Italy on Wednesday. It was brutally hot- and there was not much charm. Maybe if I spoke more Italian, I would have felt differently, I don’t know- my daughter knew enough to get by, but still I found the Italian people rather rude and unhelpful. So many people smoke, even in close quarters, and alot of people pick their noses in public. Maybe time will erase the bad memories and I’ll remember the good, but right now I’m not feeling the charm.

    • L'americana says:

      Ciao Kathleen!
      I’m sorry that you ran into some less-than-charming situations. There is something to be said about American and Italian cultural differences when it comes to socially interacting with people you aren’t personally acquainted with. They are differences that took some getting used to, at least for me. I hope that despite some setbacks, you were able to enjoy your time in Italy with your daughters!

  2. Food Lover Kathy says:

    Absolutely stunning photos of a beautiful bridge. Makes me almost want to be there right now, but I spent an August in Rome two years ago and remember the oppressive oven of a city too well. I would sit in my room with a fan blowing on my face the entire time. Of course my Italian roommate kept insisting, “fa male.”

  3. Tiffany says:

    Just happened upon your blog, and am loving it! I too am a lover of the Ponte Sisto, and used to cross it everyday. I have added your blog to my blogroll, and look forward to following it! Cheers!

  4. S212 says:

    Ah those pictures are beautiful. I remember how difficult it was to adjust to the heat and humidity in Italy when I was living there (especially because a lot of Italians don’t like to turn on the A/C on full blast)

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  6. cathi says:

    I returned from Rome 2 weeks ago and found it a wonderful place. All of the people we encountered were very friendly and charming to us. We attempted to speak Italian but mainly people spoke english to us. It was sweltering hot, but we are from California and were prepared for it – it gave us more opportunity to stop in for a drink and some appetizers. Villa Borghese Park was one of my fave people watching places. We can’t wait to return to Italy to have some more adventures! Have a great week!

  7. Dena says:

    This was a great place to go at night ,all along the tiber. my apartment i was staying at was right at the end of that bridge, just had to cross street and walk down the stairs, so i finally decided to venture out at night , each club there was different, BUT Mostly young people , but that didn’t stop me. Paid 8 euros at place called levis i think but there was free food, i ended up at this place that had tango dancing, as i sat drinking my 5 dollar carrona beer, it was worth it , as i watched in amazement at the dancers, the teacher that taught the dancing was nice to me, she called me ca-lam-ity jane from new or-leans for some reason, I told her i didn’t think i could walk in those high heel shoes much less dance in them. her students would put on little shows through the night, I returned there other nights to just watch, it was like poetry in motion. So romantic , very sexy, All along There were also some great food places there , I had a great burger there, which you know how great a burger can be after a bit of drinking, but this was not your regular american burger. I even didn’t have quite enough money , and the guy let me pay what i had. i found that at several small places.

    • Walter says:

      I have been on the fence about suntyidg abroad summer 2011 in either Florence or in Rome. While I know it is impossible to go wrong with any Italian city.. This post has made me sway more towards Rome!!

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