Via delle Quattro Fontane

I’m not going to lie, I go out of my way to walk down Via delle Quattro Fontane whenever possible.  So far, it is my absolute favorite street in Rome, and not just because it connects Via Nazionale and Via Tritone (the best places for shopping!)

As you walk up the hill from Via Nazionale, the street looks rather typical.  There are small cafes, lots of scooters, and narrow sidewalks:

But at the top, you’re greeted with the street’s namesake: Quattro Fontane.  “Quattro fontane” means ‘four fountains,’ and sure enough there is a beautiful fountain on each of the four corners.  The fountains are from the late Renaissance and were put into place between 1588 and 1593.

Each fountain is a true work of art, but it’s the street itself that I have fallen in love with.  As you come over the crest of the hill, you’re treated to a beautiful Roman view.

The architecture, the cobblestones, the colors of the buildings and the peek Piazza di Spagna at the very end is what makes this my favorite street.

And the fact that it takes you past Palazzo Barberini doesn’t hurt one bit. I love the decorative touches outside the palace, from the street lights to the creepy columns:

8 thoughts on “Via delle Quattro Fontane

  1. Wenderina says:

    By commenting on my blog you earned (got?) a visit from me. And I’m hooked. I went to the beginning of your story and read forward and I just wish I had your wisdom and adventuresome spirit when I was your age.

    I particularly loved your post on “How to Move to Italy”. You are so right. We have to stop wishing and start doing. That is what took us to Italy (do you realize we arrived on the same day?) for our visit. There are always reasons not to do things…but you have to really really think about what you do want and discard the rest. I will enjoy following your journey.

  2. LindyLouMac says:

    I enjoyed your walk today Natalie as I live just to far from Roma to justify visiting very often, so it is good to be reminded by your photography.
    As far your recent comment on News From Italy, just think if I did live a little closer I could have given you Apples galore 🙂

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  4. Barry Clements says:

    In 1977 after an overnight train from Brindisi I got a room at Hotel del Quattro Fontaine and impatient to see Eternal City I strolled down this street and what a joy

    I stumbled on The Spanish Steps which led me to a place not far away I had seen in the movie Three Coins in the Fountain as a young lad. Trevi

    So was my first few hours in Rome

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