A Weekend Trip to Casale Prato delle Coccinelle in Umbria

hand holding wine glass over Italian countryside

I grew up in California in two different worlds.

There was my city life – where I could walk to the mall or hop on the bus to the beach. And then there was my country life – where the nearest supermarket was a 30 minute drive away and functional internet was but a teenage dream.

After college, I moved to Rome, and quickly realized that my experience in city living in San Diego did little to prepare me to the raw urbanism of a European capital.

I have come to love the buzz of Rome, but I still miss bits of my country life.

To stay sane, and simply straight up enjoy Italian life more, it is always advisable to escape to the countryside.

While Tuscany gets all the love, Umbria is an absolutely beautiful part of Italy that is often overlooked.

It is also perfect for a weekend trip from Rome.

With all of that in mind, Livia, Sara  and I set out for Casale Prato delle Coccinelle.

The beautiful country villa owned by architect Debra Carol Haddock combines rustic charm, beautiful designs and incredible views in one stop.

Seriously. Sometimes you need your Fridays to look like this: sunset in a glass.

The former farmhouse has four spacious bedrooms with private baths spread out over three floors.

The exposed wood beam ceilings and terracotta floors might make you want to snuggle up next to the fire place with a good book.

But there is also a private pool for summertime cool downs.

Surrounded by olive groves and fruit trees, Casale Prato delle Coccinelle is not only idyllic but also delicious.

From gathering pears to breakfast, to checking on the garden, Debra made sure that we were both well rested AND well fed.

Between meals, there are country walks to be had and small nearby towns to explore.

Plus naps to be had in the hammock overlooking the valley.

There are options to rent the entire villa or enjoy it with a B&B experience, as we did.

Plus, Debra is planning special events like a Thanksgiving in the countryside.

For more information, follow Casale Prato delle Coccinelle on Facebook or Instagram.

8 thoughts on “A Weekend Trip to Casale Prato delle Coccinelle in Umbria

  1. Dario says:

    Caspita, this place is absolutely stunning and your pictures, as always, capture it vividly and effectively.
    And one more I didn’t know about. I am pleased to be continuously surprised by my own country.

    I’ve embraced elsewhere this definition of Italy, originally coined for a classic work of art: it has never finished to tell what it has to tell.
    For all our troubles, I believe that one is true.

    • Natalie says:

      I love that saying! And completely agree with you- I am smitten because there is always something to be surprised by and something new to discover!

  2. sylvia cugliani says:

    I’m from California, recently moved over the border into Tuscany from Umbria! Small world, right!? Where are you from in California, you mentioned the city and the country?

    • Natalie says:

      I really really want to explore the Piemonte countryside (and its wine)! For us, Umbria is still close but feels undiscovered.

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