Carapina Gelato in Rome

UPDATE APRIL 2017: Carapina in Rome has closed.



After you have gorged on pizza bianca at Antico Forno Roscioli, you can walk a few doors down for gelato at Carapina.

Carapina Gelato Rome

Carapina started in Florence, but opened a Rome location in 2014.

The focus is on seasonal flavors made with natural ingredients. In fact, Carapina has a calendar of ingredients, marking the months when eat is available.

… but I was not allowed to take a photo of that.

Or of anything really.

Carapina Gelato Rome-2

Located on a quiet street between Largo Argentina and Campo de’ Fiori, Carapina is a good gelato break between Eternal City sightseeing stops.

The light fruit flavors are best.

Carapina Gelato
Via dei Chiavari, 37,
00186 Roma, Italy (Centro Storico)

Open daily from 12 pm to 2 am.   CLOSED in early 2017.

Want to see this on a map? Check out my post on the best gelato in Rome.


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