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8 Best Places to Eat in Rome for Seriously Cheap

Updated 30 May 2021 I moved to Rome as a student, after being laid off, when the exchange rate was painful. You could say I was on a budget. Finding cheap places to eat in Rome was pretty high on my to-do list, seeing as I also did not have a functional refrigerator for a […]

Janta Indian Fast Food in Esquilino

Soooooo…. after quite a bit of travel and then the usual holiday season excess, this is about the right time of year when I pretend that bank accounts are not real things and stop checking my balance. When I know I need to save up again, but I don’t want to completely forgo my laziness […]

Trapizzino: Rome’s Best Cheap Eats

Trapizzino pizza sandwich

A few moons ago, there was a little shop in Testaccio that I would call a hole-in-the-wall and mean that in the nicest possible way. 00100 closed but was soon reborn as Trapizzino – named for what was already their signature sandwich. The new Trapizzino shop did away with the pizza al taglio that had […]

Pizzeria Ai Marmi in Trastevere

I have a friend who is 7-years-old and has lived in Rome almost all her life. As a nearly lifelong Roman, and at the age when she is a true pizza connoisseur, I trust her judgment. We always meet for dinner at Ai Marmi, her local pizzeria in Trastevere. And since she is 7, we […]

Mordi e Vai in the Testaccio Market

When you get right down to it, Roman food is not the choicest. If Italian food is peasant’s food, Roman cuisine is the food of poverty.  But cash-strapped Romans have long known how to eat well, and typical cucina Romana transforms lesser cuts of meat into savory dishes. If you are like me and not sure […]