Janta Indian Fast Food in Esquilino

Soooooo…. after quite a bit of travel and then the usual holiday season excess, this is about the right time of year when I pretend that bank accounts are not real things and stop checking my balance.

When I know I need to save up again, but I don’t want to completely forgo my laziness in preparing home cooked meals, I head for some of Rome’s best cheap eats.

Janta Indian Fast Food looks worse than suspicious- it looks completely inconspicuous.

It is the kind of place you would never think to go into because it is filled with fluorescent lighting and plastic chairs.

Janta Indian Fast Food

Located down a side street in Esquilino, the yellow sign and laminated menu are not particularly intriguing.

Janta Indian Fast Food Menu

But inside, those metal plates get heaped with some of the tastiest and most affordable Indian food in Rome.

2015-11-07 12.09.26

For €5.50 you can stop in for daal and rice, or pay a euro or two more for a mix of vegetarian and meat curries.

Rice is damn near perfect, and the curries offer a much needed kick of spice after too many days on Italian cuisine.

indian fast food esquilino

For a fuller meal, you can add pakora and other starters.

Indian dessert esquilino

Or finish up with an Indian dessert basically leaking sugar juice.

Interior of Janta Indian Fast Food

Looks can be deceiving, and Janta Indian Fast Food is one of my favorite cheap eats in all of Rome. It is close enough to Termini to make is a great stop in between running errands around the city.

Super bonus: it’s Parla Food approved.

Janta Indian Fast Food
Via Mamiani, 11,
00185 Roma, Italy

Open: Every day from 11 am – 4 pm and 5 pm – 10 pm.

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