Venice from Above

St Marks Square from bell tower

There is nothing quite like strolling across the Rialto Bridge with the sun gleaming down on the Grand Canal.

But Venice was built for the winter.

View of the Grand Canal

On a day when we were lucky to have some misty magicalness rather than pea-soup fog, we headed to St. Mark’s Square.

Venice from above

Rather than wait in line for the Basilica, we decided to admire it from above.

Venice views from bell tower

The view was breathtaking.

Piazza San Marco from above

For €6, and no wait, we hopped into the elevator of Piazza San Marco’s campanile (bell tower).

St Mark's Basilica Venice

I hate to pay fees of any sort for views, but Jimmy insisted.

St. Mark's View in Venice

As soon as we stepped off, I was awestruck.

St. Marks Bell Tower

I raced around from side to side, taking in the panorama from every angle.

Jimmy in Venice

He was right.

Venice canal

In the end, I was the one who didn’t want to leave.

St. Mark's Square from Above

€6 well spent to see Venice from above.


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